PhD student in the Department of Computer Science at The University of Sheffield
I am currently working on the "Automated Test Generation for Implicit and Explicit Database Schemas" and my supervisor is Dr. Phil McMinn.
My future aims are to improve software productivity, software economics, maintenance, and especially automating the testing phase.
I love software engineering and I always like to talk with other software engineers and read interesting developments in that area.
My professional motto: "Simplicity is a prerequisite for reliability" by Edsger Dijkstra.


Currently PhD student

Feb 2016 - Univeirsty Of Sheffield.
Topic: Automated Test Generation for Implicit and Explicit Database Schemas.


Jan 2014 - Saudi Electronic University.
Subjects: Computer Programming 101 and 102

Co-Founded and Back-End Developer

Jul 2013 - Sep 2015 in GearedApp Ltd (Edinburgh).
Activities: Board director, database and API developer, Djnago, PHP, Java, and JavaScript.

Graduated from MSc Advanced Software Engineering

2012 - 2013 Edinburgh Napier University

Graduated from BEng Software Engineering (Second class - First Devision)

2008 - 2012 Edinburgh Napier University


My Portfolio


My own project: A Q&A website for arabic users to help improve arabic content.

Dirt School

Developed the back-end using Django (i.e., Booking and shopping) when I was with GearedApp Ltd.

Faisal Alsharif

Improved admin side of the CMS.


and many more to come ....

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T: @abdullah_alshrf
P: +44 7577006305